Xiao Qian said: "her talkative is not the kind of gossip of a married woman, but often a learned, insightful, sharp and agile criticism She's never roundabout or equivocal. This kind of pure academic criticism has never been vindicated. " Bing Xin said, "she is very, very talented." When Zhang Youyi, Xu Zhimo's original wife, knew who Xu Zhimo loved, she said, "Xu Zhimo is another woman with more complicated thoughts, more beautiful appearance and feet.". Wen jieruo said, "Lin Huiyin was a versatile man who stood out in the Renaissance of China. Her achievement in architecture is undoubtedly the main one, but in poetry, fiction, prose, drama and other aspects, there are also achievements. Bian Zhilin said: "she was born with the temperament of a poet, a passion for drama, and a professional in stage design. She was a companion of architecture and Liang Sicheng, a famous Chinese architecture historian. On the surface, she was only a powerful collaborator of the latter, but in fact, she was the source of his inspiration.". Fei Zhengqing said: in Shen Congwen's eyes, Lin Huiyin is "the most intelligent young lady", while Xiao Li of the later generation called him "the most intelligent artist". According to Fei, Lin Huiyin "can leave his own mark for any art with his exquisite insight". "She is a writer and poet with creative talent, a woman with rich aesthetic ability and extensive intellectual activities, and her communication is full of charming charm. In this house, or in any situation where she is, all the people present always revolve around her.